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Rio medalists and world champion sprinters Emily Seebohm and Ruta Meilutyte prefer the power, speed, and freedom of movement of the Powerskin Carbon Flex VX. 

The Flex VX combines Arena's patented V-Flex construction - designed with revolutionary placement of seams to provide maximum hip mobility - with Powerskin Intelligent Compression and Power Return Construction technologies for optimized performance. 

The fit has been improved from previous iterations of the Carbon Flex to provide more room around the thighs and the hips, while maintaining that locked-in feel and streamlined hydrodynamics. Stay at your current practice suit size for fitting into this one. 

Available in Closed and Open back models. 

Fitting Tips

  • Most customers find this true to their training suit size 
  • If you've ordered multiple sizes, try the biggest one first
  • If you can't get in on then try out tips and tricks first but don't force it - it may be too small
  • If it has ripples or wrinkles and gaps, it's too big 

Compression Level 5 (1 - least compression | 5 - most compression offered) 

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