Newsletter Terms & Conditions

We only send out newsletter emails about upcoming sales and promotions. These would be sent out about once a month. 

When you sign up to be added to our newsletter, both online and in store, you will receive an email with the week of you signing up asking you to confirm your email address. 

You will not get any newsletter emails until you confirm your email address. However, you will get a confirmation reminder email at the start of every month until you do. 

You can have your email removed from our newsletter at any time (both before and after confirmation). To do so all you need to do is either send us an email ([email protected]) asking to be removed or reply to your most resent newsletter email asking to be removed. In the message you send us please be sure to include the email address you want taken off the list otherwise we will assume it is the email you are sending us a message with. 

We do not share your email addresses with any marketing campaigns or companies. We will only use emails given to us as newsletter contact information for sending out our newsletter.