Technical Suits Sizing Guides

Here you will find all of the size charts that we use with our customers who ask for our help with sizing for technical suits. Please double check your size against the measurements on all technical suits before you buy them. Technical suits are a final sale item as per our Exchanges and Refunds Policy and therefore are not eligible for returns or size exchanges. If you have any questions on how to take your measurements or how to read the charts please contact us

When you are sizing for these suits your measurements matter. Tech suits are designed to provide their peak performance when they are worn in accordance with the manufacture sizing specifications. If you wear a suit that is sized different then what you are measured for it will not perform to the same level that it was designed to. If your tech suit is too large then it won't provide adequate compression and you run the risk of taking on water that will cause drag. If your tech suit is too small you do run a higher risk for tearing the suit; you can also cause circulation and compression injuries if you size down to far outside of your measurements. 

How you take your measurements matters. This is a two person job and swimmers can not accurately measure themselves. If you are the one taking the measurements you need to make sure that you are taking them in the correct spot and that you are pulling the tape measure taunt. If you measure the wrong spot and you don't pull the tape tight enough you will not get an accurate measurement. These suits fit tightly so you will want to measure tightly. If you are the one being measured make sure that you are not wearing bulky layers of clothing. Ideally, you should be wearing a practice suit while you are being measured. 

To take the measurements the swimmer will need to be standing in a "T" pose; they will stand feet together and arms up into a T while standing up nice and straight. For female tech suits there are four measurements that need to be taken and for male suits there are only two. Regardless of what area you are measuring it's important that you measure the broadest part of that area. You want to be able to pull these suits on and have them fit without issue. The areas that you will be measuring are: 

  • Female Tech Suits 
    • Chest - taken around the broadest part of the bust and shoulders. 
    • Waist - taken at the natural waist, typically at the small area at the base of the ribs, just above the bellybutton.
    • Hips - taken around the broadest part of the hips and butt; that will be lower then where the hips/waist of pants would normally sit.
    • Torso Loop - for this one the swimmer's arms can be at their sides, you will loop the tape measure between their legs and have it pulled up to one shoulder. It is extremely important that a swimmer be standing up straight when this measurement is being taken. 
  • Male Tech Suits
    • Waist - taken at the natural hip or just above wear the waist band of pants would sit.
    • Hips - taken around the broadest part of the hips and butt. 

After you have taken your measurements and you go to look at these charts there are areas of the body that matter more. What that means is that if you are in between sizes there are measurement areas where we would you pick the size that fits those over the size that doesn't. For female suit, the waist squish easily, the chest can squish some, but the hips and torso loop don't squish at all. So if you need to compromise on a size, pick the size that fits your hips and torso loop. Remember that you will need to pull the suit up over your hips and get the straps up onto your shoulders. For male suits, the hips don't squish, but the waist can. Remember that you will need to get the waistband over your hips and they do have a drawstring. 

If you have any questions on tech suit sizing, please contact us. Also, please note that all measurements are in inches.