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Cut past the competition in a fast and fearless way with the new Fastskin Pure Focus goggles. 

Advancing Speedo's heritage in performance innovation, the Fastskin LZR Pure Focus is their most customizable racing goggle yet. The hydrodynamic, low-profile design boasts a hybrid nose bridge for adaptable comfort and a more precise fit. Engineered for competitive dominance, the Focus works with Speedo's unique racing system an includes IQ Fit straps for a reliable, hassle-free fit at every race. The Hydroscopic lens gives swimmers 180 degrees of peripheral vision; letting them see the competition without sacrificing any speed. Sidebar stabilizers add an even greater level of stability to the overall frame during powerful dives and flipturns. Less drage and distraction; more focus on speed. 

Engineered for high-level performance, this goggle features a track nose bridge that adjusts with three sizes for a precise fit along with Speedo's IQ Fit strap and seal to prevent leaks and reduce eye rings. Finished with mirrored anti-fog lenses for maximum peripheral vision, the Faskskin goggles let you focus on the race ahead. 

  • Anti-Drag Design: Low-profile racing goggles
  • IQ Fit: Ensures a leak-free, secure fit, and reduced marks around the eyes
  • Customizable Hybrid Nose Bridge: Enhanced comfort, durability, and ease of use with 3 different nose bridge sizes to customize your fit
  • Hydroscopic, Low-Profile Lens: Unique hydroscopic lens gives swimmers 180 degrees of peirpheral vision with minimal energy-wasting head movement 
  • 2x Anti Fog Technology: Longer-lasting clear vision
  • Sidearm Stabilizer: Greater stability and reduced head tension during dives and turns
  • Anti-Microbial Seals: Eliminates mold formation 
  • Fit-Point Markers: Precise alignment of goggle and Faskskin3 Cap provides reduced drag and maximum efficiency


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