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After 20 years since first introducing our revolutionary Ear Band-it swimmer's headband, we are excited to introduce the new and improved Ear Band-It Ultra! We took notes and customer feedback over the years and thanks to you we have created the most advanced swimming headband on the planet. 

What makes the Ear Band-It Ultra the best swimming headband on the market?

The Ear Band-It Ultra is made from our custom-designed, embossed neoprene on the inner side of the headband providing extra grip on the forehead, ears, and back of the head to avoid slipping during most types of water activity. It also contains 4.0mm 100% neoprene instead of 2.00mm-3.00mm neoprene blend that other headbands use. This gives the Ear Band-It Ultra unparalleled strength and comfort. The unique shape of the Ear Band-It Ultra is different that the Original Ear Band-It headband and other swimming headbands. The ear flaps are larger, which increases the surface area, creating more grip and better coverage of the ear itself. Also the bridge at the forehead has been widened, which adds strength, reduces the potential for tearing at this stress point, and increases skin contact surface area for better grip. 

Ear Band-It Ultra FAQ's 

  • Is the Ultra really better than the Original Ear Band-It?
    • Yes, although the Original Ear Band-It is an awesome product. It performed great the last 20 years but it was just time to make improvements based off all the knowledge we gathered from Original Ear Band-It users. The Ultra has better grip, comfort, and strength. If you want the best possible headband on the market... go with the Ear Band-It Ultra. 
  • Are the available colors really bright?
    • Yes, the Green, Yellow, Orange, and Pink are bright neon colors. The Blue is bright but probably not considered neon. 
  • Is the Ultra reversible like the Original Ear Band-It?
    • No, due to the patent pending Grip-Tek neoprene inner lining the Ear Band-It Ultra is not reversible. 
  • Is the Ear Band-It Ultra waterproof?
    • No, neoprene is not a waterproof material, although it will keep the majority of water out of the ear canal. The purpose of the band it to hold ear plugs or ear molds in place to form a watertight system. The Ear Band-It Ultra should not be worn by itself if the intent is to prevent water from entering the ear canal. 
  • Can you dive with the Ear Band-It Ultra?
    • We do not recommend diving head first with the Ear Band-It Ultra as the band may come off the head. However it does have the best grip of any swimmer's headband on the market. It is much more likely to stay on during vigorous water activities. Swimming and jumping in the water feet first are not a problem.
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