Over 30 years ago the Fox40 team developed the best whistle in the world. 

Fox40 developed an innovative and reliable product that revolutionized the requirements of the whistle and changed the industry forever. 

Fox40 has become synonymous with innovating and producing the best quality, most trusted whistles in the world. After the invention of the original Classic for referees, Fox40 soon discovered that their whistles were being used by police, fire and rescue professionals around the world. They now have a wide range of Fox40 whistles, the preferred choice for rescue workers, lifeguards, school crossing guards, boaters, and for individual safety use. Wet or dry, Fox40 Pealess Whistles cannot be overblown and never fail - the harder you blow, the louder the sound! They can be heard over a mile away. They work where cell phones don't and communicate like a GPS can't; the ones that works in all conditions.