Aloha Aquatics

Welcome to the Aloha Aquatics team page. Here you will find all of the products that your coaches have picked out for your team. 

Don't forget to use the following discount codes at checkout as your team has special pricing: 

  • 25% Off Warm-ups, Duffel Bags, & Training Aids - Aloha25
  • 20% Off Team Backpacks & Parkas - Aloha20
  • 15% Off Tech Suits - Aloha15

Due to supply demands, all custom team apparel will now only be available to order during team order windows. The good news that team orders windows will always include a free team delivery option that you will find under your shipping options at checkout. 

If you have any questions on your order you can call or email our Web Manager, Kenzie Jones, via [email protected] or 385-412-1040.

*Some items may be listed as "back order" this just means that while we don't have that particular item in stock we can special order that item in for you. You can think of "back order" purchases as if you were filling out an order form in the store or at the team fitting.