Basic Sizing Guides

The following sizing guide is the generic one that we have created to help fit swimmers into team style workout suits. This is just a starting point and you may need to move up or down a size or two depending on how tight or loose fitting you prefer your suits. This guide was designed with competitive swimmers in mind and how tightly they tend to prefer their suits to fit in order to cut down on drag. 

A couple of things to note before you you start to find your size are: all male suits are done by waist size; the male suits and drag shorts guide is the same; and women looking for a drag short or a male suit bottom can refer to the womens sizing guide side of the chart because the sizes do translate well. For drag shorts is is recommended that you start at least one size bigger then your suit size and go up from there depending on how much drag you wish to have.  

Basic Sizing Guide

If you have any sizing questions feel free to contact us