About Us

Poco Loco Swim Shop was started in the early 1990’s by Kathi Betz to fill the need for local swimmers. Immediate success came Kathi’s way as she reached throughout the Western United States servicing swim teams with all of the major swim brands.

Business has progressed, and Poco Loco Swim Shop continues to service swim teams throughout the United States on all levels of competition, and has teams on three continents. We pride ourselves on our customer service and knowledge of the swimming industry.

The business is now managed by a mother and daughter team, Melanie and Kenzie Jones, who fell in love with the sport back when Kenzie first started competing in 2000. Their passion for the sport and the business has only grown throughout the years as Melanie first became the Provo store manager in 2004. Kenzie continued her competitive career past high school into her first year of college and came back to help her mom in 2012. They have been a team ever since. 

On June 1st, 2017 we acquired Aquaholics. This venture was done to strengthen the Utah swimming community and we thank them for the support they have shown our families over the years and hope it will continue for many more to come. 

On December 19, 2018 we opened our Draper location to be managed by Kenzie Jones. This was done to better fulfill the needs of our teams and customers in the Salt Lake Valley. 

Poco Loco strives for customer satisfaction and always works to leave our customers pleased with any interaction and any products that we market. We firmly believe in not selling products that won't meet the needs and desires of our customers. 

Even as Poco Loco continues to grow and become a better and better version of ourselves we will never loose sight of our community. We will always care about every parent who is putting their kid into swimming lessons for the first time, every athlete as they race in a tech suit for the first time, every coach as they try to build their team, and every tri-athlete who is either seasoned and training for their next big race or those who are trying it out for the first time and need a little advice about how to ease into the water. 

We are swimmers servicing swimmers, because we love the swimming world and know that it is a community where every member will spend a lifetime. After all, we are.