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Feel the difference of a Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2 Suit. Worn by the world's best swimmers, the FINA approved LZR Racer Elite 2 compresses and sculpts your body into the optimal hydrodynamic shape to help you achieve your fastest result yet. For extra comfort the suit now features softer, wider straps so there is less pressure on the shoulders. All-over suit compression creates a streamlined shape in the water, whilst the lightweight fabric stretches four ways so your suit will feel like a second skin. Leg grippers keep your suit in the right position so you can concentrate on your winning performance. This open back kneeskin style offers freedom of movement. 

Features & Benefits

  • Fully approved by FINA
  • Fully bonded, ultrasonically welded seams create a smooth surface, reducing skin friction drag by 6% versus sewn seams 
  • New improved LZR Pulse+ Fabric technology - 40% more durable water repellency 
  • Lightweight, woven fabrics deliver compression without weight 
  • Full body compression fabrics reduce muscle oscillation, contouring the body into an efficient hydodynamic shape
  • Silicone leg grippers ensure a snug, solid fit for confidence in your performance 
  • Composition: 65% Polyamide / 35% Elastane 
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