Proper Technique For Putting On A Tech Suit

The following are step by step instructions for putting on technical suits. We want you to get the most bang for your buck both by getting into the suit all the way and by putting on the proper size, so we recommend that you follow them to the letter. 

All of these steps were developed by our managers, Melanie and Kenzie, using tricks that they picked up both from when Kenzie was racing in them and from over customers over the years. Both Melanie and Kenzie have been working with technical suits since about 2008; they have years of experience behind them. 

If you have any questions at all regarding technical suits feel free to contact us


  • Take your time putting the suit on. It can take up to an hour for the first time you ever try on a tech suit. They do become easier as you figure out how to slip your body into them
  • Fold up the hem of the legs. This is done to keep the gripping silicone away from your skin so that you can slide the material up and into place easily. 
  • Carefully accordion bunch the suit up into a single bundle. This is done to protect the suit and give you a bigger area to grip on the initial stepping into and pulling up. You want to keep the seems straight and the bunches even so that the suit doesn't twist and fold over on it's self as you pull it up. If this happens you will need to take the suit off and try again, because there is no way to straighten the suit once you have it on. 
  • Pull the suit up as high on your legs as you possibly can in one unit. Think pulling on a pair of tights. The higher you can wiggle it up as a unit the easier it will be later on. 
  • Hook one of your fingers under the hem of the leg and wiggle it up to as close to mid thigh as you can. The higher you can get the hem of the leg the more you will have to work with when getting the suit over your butt and the easier that will be. You will pull the legs back down and into their proper place after the top of the suit is in place. 
  • Getting the suit over the butt is the hardest part. Once you manage that you are home free.
    • Pull the suit up to your hips. You will need to stop pulling on the suit as a unit at this point and need to work in incremental pinch and pulls. You will need to pinch a part of the material that is looser lower down and pull it up, then pinch a little above that new placement and pull again, repeating this until you've worked the material up to your hips. 
    • Once you have a bunch of material under your butt cheeks you will have to tuck your butt into the suit. The best way to do this is to find a strong point of the suit in the back. That will be right on the center butt seam. DO NOT PINCH NEXT TO THE SEAM BUT RIGHT ON IT. Pinch that strong point, seam, between your thumb and forefinger with one hand. Your free hand will need to push your butt cheeks into your body as the hand that is gripping the suits pulls it up and over your butt cheeks. Once your butt is in, even a little bit, you're good. 
    • If your suit has straps you can get them out of your way by pulling the straps up and over your butt and hips and have them sit on your waist as you work your butt into the suit. 
    • Once your butt is in you can pinch pull the suit up and too your waist. You will need to work in a spiral pattern around your body; meaning that you will need to pinch up the front, then the right side, then the left side, and then the butt. Following this pattern will make sure that the suit gets pulled up evenly. 
    • If the suit gets stuck on your hips you will need to cross your feet and squeeze your legs. This will compress your body just enough for you to be able to slip the suit over your hip bones. 
  • Once the suit is to your waist you will need to hike the crotch up as high as you can get it to give you a full range of motion in your legs. 
  • If your suit has a draw string: You can now secure the suit by tying the draw string. After that you can pull the hem of the legs down and into place, securing the legs by flipping the hem down and into place. 
  • If your suit has straps: DO NOT pull the legs down yet. You need to secure the suit via the straps first. 
  • Not pulling on the straps - pull the suit up your torso. You can do this by gripping the suit as a unit again, much like you did at the start, and wiggling it up your torso. You will want to get your chest fully into the suit and the strap that goes across your back up as high as you can before you pull the straps on your shoulders. 
  • Pull the straps onto your shoulders one strap at a time. You will want to pull the strap away from your body using the opposite hand, slide the arm that is going into the strap hand first into the strap hole and down the side of your body, carefully dip your shoulder and pull the strap up your arm and into place. Repeat on the other arm. 
  • Situate the top of your suit. Here is where you will make any adjustments to the suit in order for your chest and the straps to be comfortably situated in the suit. 
  • Once the suit is in place, pull the legs down and uncuff the hem. 

If you have any questions on how to take care of your tech suits please refer to our Special Care for Technical Suits guide